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27 April 2003


GRAHAM family


The following information was obtained from the Genealogical Office, Dublin, from the PRO, from printed sources [Dundas; Steele], from Christopher Graham descendant Rev. Douglas L. Graham, from other family information, from biographical dictionaries, obituaries, and from two CHRISTIE family trees: the first was lodged at St Andrews University, 3 Oct.1902 compiled by a descendant Christie in-law: Ralph RICHARDSON H.M. Commissary Clerk & Probate Registrar, of 2 Parliament Square Edinburgh, who married Melville Elizabeth FLEMING, granddaughter of Melville CHRISTIE.

The second CHRISTIE family tree appears to have been compiled independently of No.1, at about the same date, often with more detail, with hand-written additions to about 1940. A copy of this was obtained in New Zealand in 1978.

Dates and other details are added from personal research in original records.

Irish records are notoriously difficult to find. About two thirds of the Church of Ireland parish registers and other valuable archival records were destroyed in the Public Record Office fire in 1922 when they were used as barricades during the civil war.

Land deeds and gravestone inscriptions have been located to fill the gaps wherever possible.


GRAHAM  of County Fermanagh, Ireland


There were many GRAHAM families sent to Ireland from the Lowlands of Scotland, from the early 1600s onwards. Many were forced to leave, labelled as trouble makers and brigands of the Borders. When King James I [formally King James IV of Scotland] planned his Plantation of Ulster, after the Flight of the Earls in 1607, there was only one Graham among the Undertakers [those granted from 1000 to 3000 acres who undertook to plant settlers] or the Servitors [officers of the army]: Lieutenant William Graham, who had  500 acres of Church Land and was in September 1629 “Muster-master of the Undertakers” (Morris: Patent Rolls, p.365) to carry out a census of the Undertakers, their men and what arms they held throughout the county. He seems to have executed his patent between September 1629 and early spring 1630. County Fermanagh had a total of 971 men, of whom 29 were Graham. These families were tenants of the Undertakers and Servitors.


Trory Parish near Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh appears to be the original Irish place of settlement of our Graham family. Trory was part of the larger Devenish Parish, being on the east side of Lough Erne while the rest of the parish was on the west side where the parish church was sited. Before 1608 the parish had its centre and church at the Abbey on Devenish island, in 1630 the Chapel of Ease at Monea was made the Parish Church, and in 1778 all the land on the other or eastern side of the Lough was detached and formed into the Perpetual Curacy of Trory. It was thus more convenient for the parishioners in Trory to use the church and graveyard in Enniskillen town rather than the graveyard on the island of Devenish where now stand the ruins of the medieval monastry and church as well as the famous round tower. (From Rev.D.L.G.)


1629 Lieutenant William Graham 500 acres Church land "Muster-master of the Undertakers".


1630 Muster Roll of Co. Fermanagh [BM Ms 4770]: George Graham; James Graham.


1695 Trory: Rector's Tythe book: William Graham of Conrick paid Two pounds.


1744 John Graham of Enniskillen & Devenish paid tithe. [PRO] Brother of James d.1747?


            GRAHAM  of Trory Parish and Kilmore, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland



James GRAHAM b.c.1681, died May 1747 aged 66. Sidesman at Devenish church 1707. Possibly descended from William (above), or James or George Graham (on 1630 Muster Roll as tenants of Sir John Hume).

James GRAHAM married Mary b.c.1691 who died 7 Dec.1777 aged 86. She is entered in the Devenish census of March 25 1766: "widow Graham" was among the 309 Protestant families (nine Graham households). Both James and Mary were buried on the south side of Enniskillen Cathedral between the path and the railing [Dundas Enniskillen p.107].


Also buried there:

Christopher GRAHAM who died 12 Jan. 1740 aged 21

Margaret NOBLE [nee GRAHAM] who died 21 Sept.1741 aged 29

John GRAHAM who died 11 Nov.1742 aged 27

James GRAHAM of Kilmore who died 4 August 1778 aged 28

James GRAHAM senior and his wife Catherine BALL: "both departed this life in the year 1780, he aged 73 years, and shee 68 years".


In 1740 when the youngest son Christopher died, James, the eldest, was living at Cloghenagh: the second son, John, was still working in Trory.

Deed of 27 Nov.1740whereby James Graham of Cloghenagh and John Graham of Trory leased Kilmore’ (103 acres): James was aged 33 and John aged 25.

Apparently Trory on the east side was becoming crowded: both Cloghenagh and Kilmore are on the larger western side of the lake. (Rev. D.L.G.)


James Graham was a Churchwarden in 1744; "of Kilmore, voter" 1751 [PRO]; Freeholder 1757; Director of Highways 1760-61.


'Lease of 20 Oct.1774 James Graham the elder, Christopher Graham and James Graham the younger, all of Kilmore Co. Fermanagh, farmers, the lands of Kilmore.. situated in the Manor of Moyglass, to hold for the lives of said Christopher and James Graham the younger....  and of James Graham now aged 6 years, only son of said Christopher and grandson of said James Graham the elder..' [PRO]



                                               James      =      Mary

                                         (1681-1747)  I   (1691-1777)



           I                                                      I                                       I                                 I

     James     =   Catherine BALL     Margaret = ... NOBLE       John                    Christopher

(1707-1780)   I       (1712-1780)             (1712-1741)             (1715-1742)             (1719-1740)


       ------------I------------------------------------------------        ?----------------------------------------------------

       I                             I                      I                                                 I                            I                        I

  Christopher           James             *John  =  Ann MOORE           William?            Thomas?          daughters?

(b.c.1745               (1750-78           (1753       (1760-1833)       (Churchwarden       (Churchwarden

    d,1813)            "of Kilmore")      d.1829)                          Enniskillen 1780-82)     Trory 1788



Children of James GRAHAM & Catherine BALL:


[1] Christopher GRAHAM b.c.1748, died 1813, married Dorothea [LENDRUM?].


1779 16 Aug. Lease to "James... and 4 only sons of Christopher..".


1788 'of Kilmore' Voter, with James Graham.


[See ‘Landed Gentry of Ireland 1958 ' GRAHAM formerly of KILMORE'; Burke's Irish Family Records 'GRAHAM'] Descendant: Rev. Douglas L. Graham [1909-1991]



[2] James GRAHAM (tombstone above) 1750-1778



[3] John GRAHAM b.c.1753, died 22 Jan.1829, Dublin [*Death date given on a "Tree" compiled by the Ulster Historical Soc. for FJO Graham, Sydney (1950s?). The UHS found the file number: G859; compiler their then secretary Ivy Embleton, but said that a later secretary removed a number of files when setting up her own genealogy searching operation - and this is one of the missing ones. Therefore not known where the UHS found the date of death. M.I? Will? Not in Cupar.]


John GRAHAM married Ann MOORE b.c.1760, buried Cupar, Fife, 2 Oct.1833: “merchant, aged 73, Old Age”. Died 28 Sept.1833. Administration: "widow of John Graham Esquire of the City of Dublin".


In the 1774 Deed (above), Christopher Graham the eldest son, and James Graham the second son, had shares in Kilmore. James Graham's death in 1778, aged 28, resulted in a further Deed with John Graham the third son, then aged 25:

1779 10 March (Deed: 320 608 220363): "whereby James Graham of Kilmore, Co.Fermanagh, with the consent of Christopher Graham of the same, granted to John Graham of Enniskillen, his half of Kilmore as from the death of the said James Graham and Catherine Graham his wife..."  James Graham the elder and wife Catherine both died in 1780.


1780-82 John Graham was a Churchwarden in Enniskillen, with William Graham. [Dundas]


1796 John Graham voted on lease of land in Kilmore in Devenish Parish.                                      



             GRAHAM of Enniskillen, and of Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland


1796 31 July (Deed: 607 230 415566): "Lease ... whereby John Deering of the city of Dublin Esq let to John Graham of Enniskillen merchant a house called Clark's tenement then in possession of said John Graham, situated in Enniskillen, to hold for the lives of the said John Graham and of James Moore Graham and of John Morgan Graham and of Edward Smith Graham, or for 40 years at £30 p.a. Witnesses John Steele of Enniskillen and George Armstrong, Lieutenant 76th Foot. J.S. swore 22 Sept. 1807".


7 children of John GRAHAM & Ann MOORE:


[1]**James Moore GRAHAM b.13 Aug.1784 Fermanagh, Ireland; died Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland.

Eldest son of John GRAHAM and Ann MOORE. Licentiate College of Surgeons Dublin 22 July 1806. Apprenticed to Dr George Stewart former President (1792) of Royal College of Surgeons, for 5 years from 7 Jan.1801. Asst Surgeon 31st Foot 9 July 1807. Staff Hospital Assistant, Cork (London Gazette). 9 July 1807 Commissioned Asst Surgeon 31st F. Resigned 2nd Batt. 31st Regt to Lt Col. Campbell, Limerick 31 March 1808, due to "some family arrangements that have recently taken place.... I find I cannot longer retain my situation.." [PRO CO031/251]

Joined S.Down Militia - moving around Ireland and south coast of England. The surgeon of the 34th or Fifeshire Militia (Robert Menzies) died 23 June 1813, and on 25 Apr. 1814 JMG was transferred to it from the S.Down. He arrived in Cupar on his birthday 13 August 1814. G.P. in Cupar, "the Hunting Doctor" with an "immense" practice including the "principal families", and also popular with the poor "instead of accepting remuneration he actually gave money to purchase the medicines he prescribed... his dying day a whole band of pensioners were in the habit of coming to his house for their weekly allowance". Obit. Fifeshire Journal 25 May 1865.


Three generations by Henrietta Keddie, John Murray, 1911, describes Cupar life, and how as a child she witnessed:

 "The chief of the revellers was an Irishman who had been an army surgeon.... brought from the brilliant Dublin of those days and from his rollicking, adventurous camp life many reminiscences of wild escapades and marvellous child's play. He stood at the moment to which I refer the centre of an admiring group of his host and hostess, their guests, and as many of their servants as could contrive to steal up and station themselves by the open dining-room door in order to have a part in the play. He was without his coat. To the back of his waistcoat was pinned a bunch of strips of paper which he had carefully cut and curled into an imitation of a lady's cluster of ringlets. My father and another man were stationed ready, a hand of each fastened behind his back, the other hand holding a tall candlestick with a lit candle. A path was cleared around the central table, and to the challenging air of a distractingly lively jig, which the performer sang with mocking emphasis in a fine brogue, he danced around the table.... The present hero was pursued frantically by the two candle-bearers, whose task it was to light the paper ringlets fluttering exasperatingly in time to the mad tune of the capering dancer. It is hardly necessary to say the feat was not accomplished, while the audience shouted with laughter, the children screamed and clapped their hands in their glee, and my mother's carpet was in danger of being converted to a sea of candle grease. God rest you merry dancer; you have lain in your grave for half a century, but while you lived you did not forget earlier ties! When more strenuous times came, you stood with loyal kindness by the children of your old friends". [pp.153-4] Dr David W.W.Hendry identifies "the reveller" as Dr James Moore Graham in his book Cupar doctors, 1992.

[The author’s childhood home was two houses away from the Grahams’:1851 census.]


JMG retired from practice 1855, died Cupar 19 May 1865. Memorial stained glass window old Cupar church. Survived by 5 sons and 2 daughters. See below.


[2] John Morgan GRAHAM (b.c.1785-89.) Irish Will index gives a John Graham, Cornet 7th Dragoons, will 1819. Not known whether this was John Morgan GRAHAM - but no other sign of him in records after the Deed of 1796. These Irish wills are no longer extant. Possibly the records of the 7th Dragoons would give enlistment details, and death details.


[3] Edward Smith GRAHAM b.5 Aug.1791 Fermanagh, M.D. St Andrews 1824. Surgeon 4th (Queens Own) Light Dragoons, died 21 Nov.1847 aged 56 Douglas, Isle of Man. Many awards and citations during 37 years in army. 31st Foot (JMG's Regt.) 1810-1825, 75th Foot until 1841, 4th Dragoons until he retired on half pay 2 Oct.1846 due to ill health "wife, and 3 boys under 5 years of age". Peninsula Campaign 1810, Sicily, Genoa, Malta, 1815-1818 "was on board the Kent Indiaman during its conflagration in the Bay of Biscay on the 1st March 1825 under Lieut. Col. Fearon 31st. Regt."

Married [1] 1828 Sarah Jane MILLER d. of Wm Miller of Castlebar, Co. Mayo.

Married [2] 6 Aug.1840 Devon: Eliza Oliver BIGG (1801-1876) Issue 3 sons:

Edward Girdlestone GRAHAM b.10 May 1843 St Sidwell Exeter, marr.1879 Elizabeth E.

[HARWOOD?] aged 27 1881 census, Edward Graham aged 38 b.Exeter, Captain

 3rd Foot (The Buffs).

Oliver GRAHAM b.20 Oct.1844 Ipswich

Lional Frederick GRAHAM b.13 Aug.1847 Douglas Isle of Man.

These sons were all named in their mother's 1876 will. [Somerset House]


[4] Anne GRAHAM, married 1814 Simon ARMSTRONG of Moykeel Cleenish Parish, Co. Fermanagh. "Property in Lanacran and Drumcose. Lt in Magheraboy True Blues" [Ulster Hist. Soc.].

Issue: Anne (b.1815, died Cupar 1832), William, John, Maria, Mary, Margaret, Lucy Ellen, Charlotte ARMSTRONG.


[5] Maria GRAHAM born Enniskillen, marr. 8 June 1824 (St Andrews, Dublin) Capt. Arthur Piggot BROWNE (1793-1835) 50th Regt. nephew of Sir A. Piggot M.P.

Issue: Mary Anne (b.1825 Harwick), Maria Piggott (b.1827 Halifax, Yorks), Frances (b.1829 Fort William, Scotland), Margaret Fielding (b.1830 Fort William, Scotland).

[From Rev.D.L.G]


[6] William GRAHAM married [1] 1817 Mary ARMSTRONG who died 1828 Dublin. Married [2] 1829 at St Peters, Dublin "of (22) Eustace St in the Par. of St Andrew": Delia BLOOMFIELD daur. of W T Bloomfield, cousin of Lord Bloomfield.


[7] Charlotte GRAHAM b.c.1801 Fermanagh, lived with JMG & Mary in Cupar, died there 11 Nov.1881. On 15 Nov. 1881 George Hogarth (Provost of Cupar) wrote in his diary "Miss Graham, my old friend died leaving Mrs Graham and Ms Fleming very helpless in the house" and on the following 18 May "Mrs Graham died leaving the eldest, Ms Fleming".[Transcribed by Dr D.Hendry]


The 1841 census is destroyed; 1851 census at 77 Millgate, Cupar shows JMG (66), Mary (53), Margaret, daur unm 21, Edward son 17, Charles son 15 Elizabeth W. daur 13, Charlotte Graham, sister, aged 50, Alexander Christie, brother-in-law, aged 47 ('Hon East India Co. medical man'), and 4 servants. One groom was ‘deaf and dumb’.

The 1861 census for 89 Barony, Cupar shows JMG [76], Mary [63], Charlotte [60], Elizabeth W. [23], 5 servants, and the Davidson grandchildren all born "India British": Bettsy [8], Esther [5], Hugh [4].

In 1871 the 15 room 1 Barony showed widow Mary [73], Charlotte [70], 3 servants and a nurse, and two Davidson grandchildren, George Alex [3] and Richard [1].

In 1881 1 Millgate, Cupar [13 rooms] shows Mary [83], Melville Fleming her widowed sister [85], and Charlotte Graham sister-in-law, born Enniskillen, aged 80, and 3 servants. One servant "has been 34 years in the family" [JMG Obit.]


**James Moore GRAHAM married [1] Sarah EDWARDS Dublin by licence 1806 "died within a year of the marriage" (obit.)

JMG married [2] Anna Maria IEVERS [daur. of Thomas Ievers: Burkes Irish Family Records] 21 Dec.1807 at Ennis Co. Clare. "married on Monday last by the Rev. Mr Fitzgerald at her father's house, .. Graham Esq of the 31st Regiment to Miss Ievers daughter of Thomas Ievers of this town Esq" (Ennis Chronicle, Wed. 23 Dec. 1807).


JMG's "first years in Fife" were spent with his second wife Anna Maria [Obit.] No record of Anna Maria's death found in Ennis or Cupar registers.

[JMG went to Cupar in 1814. Yet Jane was born [1815] in Ennis, as was Thomas [1816], and James [1819]. Did Anna Maria return home for the births?]



GRAHAM  of Cupar, Australia, & New Zealand



3 children of marriage [2]:


[1] Jane GRAHAM bapt. Ennis 14 Feb. 1815. Died of consumption 29 June 1843 aged 27 (Cupar register) Fife, Scotland.

A "very interesting young lady" [JMG's obit. Fifeshire Journal 25 May 1865].


[2] Thomas Power GRAHAM bapt. Ennis 4 Feb. 1816, died young [Rev.D.G.]


[3] James GRAHAM born 5 Feb. 1819, bapt. Ennis 20 Feb.1819, died Melbourne, Australia 1898, marr. Mary Alleyne COBHAM daur of Dr Francis Cobham of Barbados Jamaica, 18 children. Arrived Melbourne 1839. Merchant, agent, politician.

See: Australian dictionary of biography, 1851-90 pp.282-3; Pioneer Merchant: the letters of James Graham 1839-54, edited by Sally Graham, Hyland House, 1985. A wish of distinction by Penny Russell, MUP, 1994. A man about town: the letters of James Graham, Victorian Entrepreneur, 1854-1864, edited by Sally Graham, MUP, 1998. Graham, James 'Private letter books' University of Melbourne Archives. 'The voyage of the 'Alfred' in 1838' The Dunfermline Press Dec.11 1963 - Commonwealth Supplement.


James wrote "I was educated, at first, at Ennis College, Co. Clare, Ireland, and subsequently at the Madras Academy, Cupar, Fife, Scotland. I resided in Scotland from 1832 to 1838." He would have been 13 in 1832.

We [Rev. Douglas G. & I] guessed that Jane and James must have been the responsibility of the Graham grandparents [and Charlotte who was 18 when James was born], in Ireland after their mother died, because of their moving together to Cupar, either when JMG married Mary Christie in 1827, when their grandfather John Graham died in 1829, or when James wrote that he had arrived, in 1832.


James wrote (about Mary Christie) "my dear mother", and "..I should like to have been able to have called one little girl after Mrs. Graham solely for whom I have, if possible, more than the affection of a son for she always was a kind and fond mother to me." [Letter to Mrs Lyon Campbell 19 Sept 1850: transcribed by Sally Graham.]


JMG married [3] Mary CHRISTIE 18 Feb. 1827 at Cupar, Fife [Mary CHRISTIE bapt. 9 August 1797, 9th child (of 16) of Andrew CHRISTIE (1765-1831) "writer in this Parish" and Margaret DEMPSTER (1769-1842), died 17 May 1882.  See CHRISTIE


8 children of marriage [3]:


[1] John Moore GRAHAM b.19 Apr.1828 Cupar son of J.M.G."Surg., Fifesh. Militia residing in Cupar & Mary Christie (3rd d.of And.Chr Esq of Ferrybank present Provost of Cupar) his spouse". Died 21 Aug.1900. Maj.Gen. Indian mutiny campaign 1857-9, Looshai expedn 1860-1, in Bhootan 1865, ret. full pay 1879. (Kelly's Handbook 1881). Deputy Inspector Gen. of Police, Cheerapoonjee, Assam, India.


Married Bengal 1851 Eliza PATCH 1851 Bengal [daur. of Major Patch, Indian army].

 3 children:

    (1) Edith GRAHAM marr. Colonel Thomas Everard HUNGERFORD Royal Marines.

             Issue: Caroline Agnes Lily, Thomas Graham Everard, Edith Kathleen


    (2) Alice Phoebe GRAHAM b.Cupar, Fife, 21 Nov. 1855

    (3) Sydney Dalton GRAHAM, died unmarried.


Will of John Moore GRAHAM "a Major General in the Retired List of Her Majesty's Indian Army and at present residing at Walmer Kent" ..."It is my wish to be buried in the south side of the Graham family burying ground in the old Parish churchyard of the town of Cupar Fifeshire in Scotland between my mother's grave and the South wall.... to my daughter Edith Hungerford wife of Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Everard Hungerford late Royal Marines at present residing in Walmer, Kent .. her children..." Signed 16 Dec. 1898. M.I. St Mary, Walmer, Kent: [Celtic Cross] "In loving memory of Major General John Moore Graham, Bengal Staff Corps, born April 19th 1828, died August 21st 1900..."


[2] Margaret (Maggie) GRAHAM b.23 April 1829 Cupar, died 1914 Dunedin, married 1851 Bombay Maj. General Alexander George DAVIDSON b.1825, died 1901 of Tara Ghur near Glentunnel, Canterbury, NZ, late Indian Army, Deputy Commissioner of Adjmeer, Rajpootana, son of Major Hugh Davidson & Esther Pierson who was murdered in the 1857 mutiny.

       8 children:

     (1) Mary Christian DAVIDSON (Bettsy aged 8, living with her Graham grandparents in

the 1861 Cupar census) b.1853 India, died Nelson 1920; married 1873 India

Colonel William Holden WEBB 1843-1914 late HM.109th Regt.

Arrived NZ 1878.

 9 children:

1. George Robert Holden WEBB b.1876 Dinapore, India, marr.1912 Singapore

 Jessie Muriel (Dolly) HAIR: 3 children:

 Rhona marr.Jack HARRISON,

 Cynthia marr.Selwyn TOOGOOD

 Sir Richard James Holden WEBB m.Barbara Anne GRIFFIN: son Michael

 Richard Holden WEBB.

2. Margaret Audrey WEBB b.1875 Bromley, Kent, d.1888 aged 13 Nelson.

3. Mary Elvire (Molly) WEBB sea 1878 marr.1904 Leslie Haywood

MIRAMS, 3 children:

 Leslie Holden  MIRAMS b.1906 marr.Dorothy PARSON:

2 daurs: Angela [m.ANTONY], Pamela Ann [m.MacLACHLAN];



4. Ivy Muriel WEBB b.1880 Nelson, marr.1909 Gilbert Graham (Bert)

 HODGKINS, 2 daurs Joan d.unm.1997; Audrey marr.  Allott GABITES.

5. Frances Orme WEBB (Fanny) marr.1907 Leonard HEWITT, 2 sons Rodney &

 Desmond HEWITT.

6. Orme Townshend WEBB b.1884, d.1888, buried Nelson.

7. Constance Gertrude WEBB (Polly) b.1886 marr.1920 Ken SCHLANDERS

8. Hugh Graham WEBB b.1888, Tilkah Tea Company, India, d.1925 Tunbridge

 Wells, England, marr. Hughina Kate McDONALD, no issue.

9. Eric WEBB b.1890, Takaka, marr.1923 Jean JOHNSTON


     (2) Esther Isabella DAVIDSON (aged 5 living with Graham grandparents in the 1861

Cupar census) bc1856, marr. Horace Bethune HORSBRUGH of Watarangi,

Wellington NZ, died Featherstone 1931, retired sheep farmer. 3 children:

 Eleanor Graham [m.Charles MATTHEWS], Bessie Maud [m.Ray

 MATTHEWS brother of Charles], and Charles Christie HORSBRUGH.


     (3) Hugh James Alexander DAVIDSON (aged 4 living with Graham grandparents in

the 1861 Cupar census) bc1857, Captain North-West Mounted Police, late

H.M.89th Regiment. Medals South Africa 1881, Riel Rebellion Canada 1885,

South Africa 1901 with 3 clasps). Married 1: Daisy daur of Col.FRASER R.E.

Married 2: Cara widow of Capt. CRADDOCK, Canadian Police. 4 children:

Ada Mary, Charles Edward, Margaret Mary Zita, and Mary Rose Graham



      (4) Georgina Margaret DAVIDSON b.7 May 1867.


      (5) Phoebe Graham DAVIDSON marr. Eugene BUCKLEY, Canterbury, NZ.

3 children: Alex William Eugene, George Stirling, Elizabeth Mary [Betty] BUCKLEY.


       (6) Bessie Rose DAVIDSON died unm. Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, 1936. Will

 mentions her brother Sisley Richard Davidson of Briarfield Dornoch? in County

 Sutherland, Scotland, retired Maj.Gen. and his wife Dorothy Harvey Davidson, her

 cousin Charles Edward Graham of Timaru, NZ, and her cousin Bessie Felicite

 Browne of the same address.


       (7) George Alexander DAVIDSON (aged 3 living with Graham grandparents in

the 1871 Cupar census) bc1868, sheepfarmer Western Australia, married Edith dau.

of Rev. Matthew ASHE, Victoria. 3 children:

Margaret Gladys, George Maxwell, and Shirley Frances DAVIDSON.


      (8) Sisley Richard DAVIDSON (Todd) (Richard, aged 1 living with his Graham

grandparents in the 1871 Cupar census) bc1870, Capt. 47th Sikhs, India. Medal &

clasps Chitral-Tirah, Mohmand. Married Westminster, London, 1907 Dorothy

Harvey WESTLAND daur of Sir James Westland I.C.S. K.C.S.I. Brigadier-General

1916. Mentioned in the 1936 will of his sister Bessie Rose Davidson: of Briarfield

Dornoch? in County Sutherland, Scotland, retired Maj.Gen., and his wife Dorothy

Harvey Davidson.


[3] Anne GRAHAM b.20 Mar.1831 Cupar, died 21 Dec.1832 "Hooping Cough" aged 1.


[4] Andrew Christie GRAHAM bur.3 Dec.1832 Cupar "Dr James Graham's child died of Hooping Cough aged 3 months".


[5] Edward GRAHAM b.1 Nov.1833 Cupar, Sugar Planter Fiji Is., died Springwood,

NSW 1893, married Margaret MCRAE daur of Capt. Alexr McRae, no issue.


[6] Charles Christie GRAHAM born 22 April, bapt.8 June 1835 Cupar "son of James Moore Graham, Surgeon, Fifeshire Militia residing in Cupar & Mary Christie (third d. of the late Andrew Christie Esq) his Spouse. The child was bap. by the Revd John Birrell 2nd minister of Cupar". Educated Universities of St Andrews & Edinburgh. Arrived Melbourne 'Ballarat' 24 June 1855. Joined half-brother James Graham and brother Edward Graham in 'Graham Bros & Co'. In a letter to Edward from Scotland dated 18 June 1856, James quoted disapprovingly from 'Charlie's' letter from Melbourne: "It is invariably remarked that Sunday is the hottest day of the week, because on that day, people give way to the heat, lounge half dressed on sofas or easy chairs all day long, and abuse the beastly climate and even Church is a penance, generally in a wooden building that the sun's rays easily penetrate. You are in an extreme state of moisture and discomfort during the whole service, your sole idea being how soon will service be over, that you may be able to move and breathe and this the more especially as all the seats are made of the narrowest dimensions and the most uncomfortable shape. The poor clergyman standing all the time and looking as if he would give the world to sit down and his congregation mopping away and panting and sighing like overcharged boilers." ["Did you ever hear such bosh and rot..." James added, while he himself wrote of Edinburgh "Nothing but East winds for months past, accompanied with frightful dust. Talk of Melbourne dust, it is nothing to Edinburgh. In Melbourne with the dust you have at any rate warmth but here it enters piercing cold into your very bones and strong enough to blow the teeth down your throat."] [James Graham 'Private letter books' Univ. of Melbourne Archives. Transcribed by Sally Graham.]


Charles Christie GRAHAM marr. Melbourne 11 Oct 1860 Jemima Frances (Fanny) WEBSTER born Balgarvie, Fife 10 June 1837, who died 10 April 1925 at 69 Heriot Row Dunedin aged 87. Buried Andersons Bay. Daughter of Major General Thomas WEBSTER [1781-1843] of Balgarvie, Fife, [son of Robert WEBSTER 1735-1811, of Balruddery, & Margaret HUNTER 1736- ] & Agnes ROSS 1804-1890 [daur of John ROSS 1762-1823 & Janet RANKEN 1762-1831].


Graham Bros & Co partnership dissolved c1870 [ADB] after Edward Graham had moved to Fiji, and Charles Christie Graham to New Zealand (Mr & Mrs Graham, Maud, Phoeby, Amy: 'South Australian' from Hobsons Bay 13 Feb.1866 for Otago). Sheep run on the Waitake river. Elected House of Representatives for Oamaru 1869-1872. Moved to Karori,  Wellington. Rep. Rangitikei; Wellington Education Board; Wellington College Board of Governors; Appointed Town Clerk Wellington in 1878 and designed the City's Coat of Arms. Stipendiary Magistrate and Official Assignee Wellington 1883. Transferred to Dunedin 1893. [The Cyclopaedia of New Zealand Vol.4, p.142].

Member of the first Otago University Council. Navy League executive; Chairman Diocesan Synod Anglican Church, chancellor of the diocese. Died 69 Heriot Row, Dunedin 27 Dec. 1915, aged 80. Obituary Otago Daily Times 28 Dec.1915; Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, Dept of Internal Affairs, 1940. Buried cemetery Andersons Bay.

Children: 5 sons & 6 daughters:


      (1) Agnes Maud (Maud) GRAHAM b.1861 Melbourne. Became a Catholic at aged 12.

d.26 April 1958 Wellington. Marr. Percy BROWN Cook Islands Trading

Co., owner "largest" plantation Raratonga, d.1918 Cook Islands, planter.

She stayed on after her husband died: known as "The Queen of Raratonga".

1 child:

   Effie Graham BROWN marr. 1911 her 1st cousin John Stanley (Jack)

GOULTER, farmer, Marlborough and Masterton, NZ.

4 children: 2 sons, 2 daurs:

Gordon Francis GOULTER, Wanganui, marr. Iris Annette, no issue

Thomas Percy GOULTER marr. Ray WILSON, 4 children:

Rosalind, Graham, Philippa, & Simon GOULTER

Frances GOULTER, Tokoroa, marr. Leslie TEAGUE, dau. Barbara

Ann GOULTER, Taupo, marr.Peter McRAE, 2 children:

Robin & Euan McRAE     


    (2) Mary Phoebe (Phoebe) GRAHAM b.1863 South Yarra, Melbourne, died Dunedin 12

May 1959, unmarried. Her will named her niece Cecily Moore, her niece

Effie Graham Goulter, her niece Jean Margaret Riley, her niece Edna Mary

Graham, and her nephew Douglas Taverner.


     (3) Gertrude Amy (Amy) GRAHAM b.4 Jan. 1865 Melbourne, died 1961 married 1891

Lewin Mackworth TAVERNER, farmer d.1942, Bulls, NZ. Gertrude Amy

Taverner on Rangitikei electoral roll 1893. 5 children:

1. Lewin Graham Mackworth TAVERNER 1896-1951 married Alison KEBBEL.

3 children:

Gillian Mary TAVERNER, photographer, marr. Pat HANLY, artist,

2 children: Benjamin & Tamzin HANLEY.

John TAVERNER [unm.]

            Graham TAVERNER marr. Jane..... : 4 children: Sam, Hamish, Victoria,


2. Cecily Mary TAVERNER b.16 Sept. 1897, d.1985 married Lance MOORE,

2 children:

Joan Mary MOORE, physiotherapist, married  John [Jock] STANFORD, oil

co. executive. 3 children:

Mark Jeremy Kynaston STANFORD, artist, NSW married Mirary

Manzano PEREZ, fashion designer: 2 children: Jason Kynaston &

Talitha Paloma Paola STANFORD.

Miles Richard STANFORD, eye surgeon, married Hermione SCOTT, doctor: 3 children: Emma Louise Mary, Harriet, Olivia STANFORD.

Barbara Mary STANFORD, caterer.

Michael MOORE married Rosemary WINTER-COOKE, NSW.

 3 sons: Nicholas, ………..MOORE

3. Douglas Lacy TAVERNER b.22 July 1899, d.Dec.1992, solicitor, Carterton,

Wairarapa, married Dr. Wyn COX 1898-1987. 1 child:

Anthea TAVERNER div. Ernie JENKINS, Peterborough, Ont. Canada.

3 children: Mark JENKINS, engineer, marr. Shelley GALLAGHER,

2 daurs Colleen & Amy JENKINS

twin: Catherine JENKINS, manager, marr. Shawn DUNFORD,

dau. Elizabeth DUNFORD.

twin: Anne, phys.ed., marr. Phillip REINERT,

dau. Rebecca REINERT .

4. Leslie Crawford TAVERNER b.2 Nov.1902, d. 2001? married her WEBSTER

cousin Samuel Anderson (Sam) CHAFFEY, farmer, 2 children:

Robin Samuel Murray Anderson (Sam) CHAFFEY died 1998 married Jan

 PRAINE?, 4 children:


Margot CHAFFEY marr. Bernard CHRISTELLER,

Wellington NZ, quads:

Rebecca, Nicholas, Hamish, Robin, CHRISTELLER.



             Anne CHAFFEY died Dec.1998 marr. Dr.Robin SCOULAR, Tauranga.

 4 children: Jane, Jennie, Catherine, Richard SCOULAR.

5. Ian Digby TAVERNER b.18 Aug.1905, d.   , engineer, Silverdale, Lancs UK,

married Diana CROCKER. 3 sons:



Nigel TAVERNER, marr. Ellen ……, California.


      (4) Charles Edward (Edward) GRAHAM 1867-1938 Waitake, bank manager,

Roxburgh, married Mary Jessica SUMPTER. 1 daur:

    Edna Frances Mary GRAHAM 1904-1975 Timaru unm.


       (5) Douglas Moore GRAHAM b.28 Nov.1868 Ben Lomond Station Waitaki, died 25

Feb.1952, general manager & editor of the ‘Wairarapa Times Age'

Masterton, marr.1900 Bessie Mary PAYTON 1877-1958 eldest daur of

Mary [MACARA] & Joseph PAYTON. 2 daughters:

1. Marjorie Josephine b.3 June 1901 d. 8 Aug.1922 aged 21.

2. Jean Frances Macara GRAHAM b.11 Dec.1909 died 4 Aug.1995;

married [1] 1931 Robert Thomson (Bob) ST LAWRENCE d.1958, farmer,

Hawkes Bay N.Z

married [2] 1964 UK Ronald M. LOCKLEY, author.

3 children:

Diana Marjorie ST LAWRENCE, Auckland, div. Martin PUTTERILL

uni. prof., 2 children:

Megan Jane PUTTERILL, research marketing manager, Dunedin,

 marr.Grant BEBAN: 2 daurs:

 Emma Molly SINGLE, Lucy Jane BEBAN.

                                    Joanna Jean (Jo) PUTTERILL, uni.lecturer, Auckland.

                        Susan (Sue) ST. LAWRENCE, uni. librarian, Sydney, marr. Kerry

PEDERSEN, engineer, 2 children:

Anna PEDERSEN, uni. lecturer, Sydney, marr. Graham WRIGHT

Robert James (James) PEDERSEN, architect, Sydney.

                        Robin Graham ST. LAWRENCE b.30 June 1947, died 18 July 1948.


      (6) Thomas Webster (Tom) GRAHAM 1870-1946, civil engineer, Silchar, India; Tea

Plantation, Tilkah, marr.[1] Lilian STEVENSON marr.[2] Amy HUME

marr.[3] Kate FENWICK. 2 daurs:

1. Joan Maud Edith GRAHAM 1907-1978 Dumphries, Scotland, marr. David

WEIR, 2 children:

Graham WEIR marr. Diana HUNT: 3 children:

 Anthony, Nicola, Christopher WEIR

Anthony WEIR 1932-1945.

2. Rosemary GRAHAM marr.Guy PILCHER 1901-77 naval commander, Devon.

3 children.

                        John PILCHER, engineer. Kloot, nr. Durban SA, marr. E.B. PALMER.

3 children: Amanda, Lucy, Annabelle PILCHER.

                        Sue PILCHER marr.[1] J.B.OWENS; marr.[2] J.W.ROSKILL. Newbury,

Berks. 3 children:

Clare OWENS [m. Andrew BAKER] 2 children: Simon & Anna



James OWENS.

                        Robin PILCHER, carpenter/furniture-maker, Wales marr. Bryony INGAL:

2 children: Fiona & Catherine Jane PILCHER.


      (7) Charlotte Susan (Susie) GRAHAM b.Raumai nr Rangitiki NZ 26 Dec.1871

died Dunedin 19 June 1966, marr.1902 Dr.Frederick Racliffe RILEY

1865-1932, Dunedin. 5 children:

            1. Margaret (Betty) RILEY died young

            2. Francis Melville (Melville) RILEY b.31 March 1906 d.1987, farmer Timaru

Creek, Outram, marr. Janet PATERSON 1907-1985. 6 children:

Elizabeth (Liz) RILEY, nurse, Dunedin.

William (Bill) RILEY, property manager, Dunedin, marr. Annette (Don)

DONALD, 3 children:

Matthew RILEY

Annabel RILEY

Jonathon RILEY

Josephine (Jo) RILEY marr. George WALES, farmer high country Central

Otago ‘Baldwin’, 3  children:

Devon WALES, Arrowtown, marr. Chris ….

Jeremy WALES marr. Dinah … children: Romy, Kia, Danie.

Miriam marr. Chan …. child Jin.

Timothy (Tim) RILEY, farmer, Rakaia Canterbury, marr. Jeanette....

3 children:

Nicholas RILEY, Central Otago

Andrew RILEY, Wellington, marr. Kirsty …


Denis RILEY d.1988 Auckland, marr. Moana.....  3 children:

            Jenny RILEY, teacher, Auckland

            Ngarama marr…..

            Jonathon RILEY

Susan (Sue) RILEY, physiotherapist, Auckland, marr. Richmond (Rick)

FISHER, engineer, 3 children:

Timothy (Tim) FISHER

Simon FISHER, med. student, d.1998


            3. Peter William Stewart RILEY, doctor, marr. Kathleen H  …. ? 3 children:

                        Charles RILEY

                        Richard (Dick) RILEY, engineer, Vancouver, marr. Leona ... ? son: Robert.

                        Christopher RILEY

            4. Charles Graham (Graham) RILEY b.16 May 1912 d.1998, doctor, Christchurch,

marr. Patricia (Pat) WHITE:  4 sons:

John Graham RILEY, uni. lecturer UCLA, marr. Beverly Fong LOWE,

 dau. Alexandra Lowe (Ali) RILEY

James Denis (Jim) RILEY, palm tree farmer & investor, Cardiff-by-the

Sea, USA, marr. Kristine RANDRUPP, 2 children:

Michael RILEY

Christopher RILEY

 Charles Robert (Rob) RILEY, GP, Nelson, marr. Leigh OWERS,

4 children:

Timothy J. RILEY

Andrew RILEY

Charlotte (Kaz) RILEY


 Peter Lindsay RILEY, Rochester Vermont, software analyst and lawyer,

marr. Claudete da SILVA, 2 children:

Gabriela RILEY

Marcello RILEY

            5. Margaret Jean (Jean) RILEY


      (8) Caroline GRAHAM  b.& d.1874.


      (9) Henry (Harry) GRAHAM 1875- , magistrate, & manager of Indian Reserve,

Lytton, Rockie Mts. Canada, marr. Helen MILLAR. 3? other marriages.

Adopted son Colin GRAHAM.


     (10) Guy Herbert GRAHAM 1877-   solicitor, Waverley NZ, marr. Edith DICKIE,

2 daughters:

1. Amy Marion GRAHAM marr. …. WILSON]

2. Phoebe Mary GRAHAM marr. ..... NELSON  children: 1 dau & 3 sons


     (11) Florence Caroline Fanny (Cara) GRAHAM b.3 Oct.1881 Karori, d.22 April 1950,

Dunedin, unm.


[7] Elizabeth Wemyss (Bessie) GRAHAM b.24 April 1837 Cupar, died 3 Sept.1874 Hereford, marr. Cupar 1862 Lieut. Col. Clement BROWNE 1812-1892 H.M.Indian Army, Commissioner at Delhi [brother of Gen. Sir Samuel J. Browne V.C.] 6 children:

       (1) George Graham BROWNE 1863-1875 Hereford.

       (2) Bessie Felicite BROWNE 1865-1942 unm. She was mentioned in the will

of her cousin Bessie Rose DAVIDSON who died in Weston-Super-Mare,

Somerset, in 1936: “her cousin Bessie Felicite Browne of the same


       (3) Samuel Edward 1867-1964 b.Kirkcudbrightshire, died Colorado, USA, marr.

Agnes WORTH, 3 daurs:

1. twin: Bessie M BROWNE 1906-1996 Denver, marr.1928 Hugh Edward

DAWSON, 2 children:

            Marion Lois DAWSON m.Donald Sadler HIGHTOWER, son John David

HIGHTOWER m. Joy YAGER, dau. Jennifer.

            Edward Browne DAWSON m. Mary Roberta (Roberta) THOMPSON, son

David Swinton DAWSON

            2. twin: Mary BROWNE 1906-1994 marr. H. Eugene SECREST, no issue

            3. Anne BROWNE 1910-1986 marr.[1] R.GRABBUS [2] T.H.BROAD, no issue.

       (4) Cecil Moore BROWNE b & d 1868

       (5) twin: John Philip Graham (Brownie) BROWNE 1874-1957 unm.

       (6) twin: Mary Clementina (May) BROWNE 1874-1964 marr. Frank Cecil BEYNON,

no issue.


[8] Phoebe Georgina GRAHAM b.8 Feb.1840 Cupar, died 6 April 1849 Scarlet Fever aged 10.