The Christie Family

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The County of Fife is approximately bounded by St Andrews and Stirling north of the Tweed
Kirkcaldy is shown on both maps.


CHRISTIE in Kinglassie, Dysart, Markinch, & Cupar, Fife, Scotland.

The 1654 Blaeu map of Fife and later Ordnance Surveys show the farms of the early generations of this Christie family lying near where the parishes of  Kinglassie, Dysart, and Markinch meet. Lochtyside, in Markinch, is on the north bank of the Lochty Burn east of Kinglassie and south of Markinch, (just north of Thornton), and Tullybrek is slightly further to the east. Ore Mills, in Dysart, where John Christie was farming when he organised the Lochtyside tacks for his two sons in 1705 & 1712, is close by on the River Ore shortly before it intersects with Lochty Burn. Fostertoun and Dogtown (or Docktoun), where John’s father and grandfather were farming in Kinglassie, are also between the Lochty Burn and the River Ore south-east of Kinglassie.

All these farms, and including the other Christie farms at Goatmilk, and Auchenmuir (just north of Kinglassie), were within a few miles of each other.

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James CHRYSTIE & Alesone CORROUR/CORROR married on 21 Nov.1632 in Kinglassie. Were “in Fostertoun” at their children’s baptisms. Witnesses at the baptisms were Patrik Corror, Thomas Chrystie, David Chrystie, George Chrystie “elder” &  “younger”, and James Chrystie.

James Chrystie was buried March 1652: will “in Forrestoun, parish of Kinglassie 21 July 1652”; his widow died in 1675: will: Alison Currour relict of James Christie, tenant in Fostertoun, parish of Markinch 29 January 1675 (both St Andrews Commissary court).

Children of James CHRYSTIE & Aleson CORROUR/CORROR baptised Kinglassie:

1. James baptised 17 Jan.1634 “son of James Chrystie & Alesone Currer in Fostortoun”, married

            Agnes KNOX Kinglassie Nov.1654. Was “in Fostertoun” at his children’s baptisms.

            Later was “of Tulliebrek”, Markinch [Sasine].  [See below]

2. Helin 7 Feb.1636.

3. Thomas 21 Feb.1638: Witness Thomas Christie.

4. Patrik 25 June 1640: Witness James Christie youngr.

5. David 14 Jul.1642: Witn: David Christie & David Low. ?David Chrystie tenant in Gatmilk/Goatmilk

            married Janet TOD: will, 13 Aug.1684: spouse to David Chrystie, elder, tenant in Gatemilk,

            Kinglassie. Children of David Christie, Gatmilk/Goatmilk, baptised Kinglassie: Bessie 1636,

            Alisone 1639, Janet 1642, Margaret 1644, George 1646, Kathrine 1647, David 1649.                                                                                                                         

Leslie register has: “David Christie in Goatmilk had a son David bapt.16 June 1689”; “David Christie in Goatmilk had a son bapt James the 14 April 1691 Witnesses George -- & Alexandr Christie”. Two children of David Chrystie in Goatsmilk died 1690 & 1691. David d.1709 [Deed]. John Chrysty tenant in Bandone & James Chrysty tenant in Balsillie were named as David’s brothers in 1709. (John Christie in Bandone, Markinch, was married to Agnes Currer)              


1709 Deed: 9 November: David CHRYSTY (dec.), tenant in Goatmilk; appointment of curators: John Chrysty tenant in Bandone & James Chrysty tenant in Balsillie (on father's side), and John Chrysty in Oarsmiln & Thomas Chrysty in Tilebreck (on mother's side) for hisunderage children James & John Chrysty. [B41/7/2]

            1750: David Chrystie tenant in Goatmilk, wife Alison DURIE, Disp. to son John, daur Isobel.

            John Christie tenant in Gaitmilk, parish Kinglassie, died 1771: relict Giles STORER.

 6. George 19 Oct.1644: Witnesses: George the Elder, & Youngr George Chrystie. George Chrystie of Auchenmuir & Elizabeth LOW married 12 Apr.1670: confirmed David Chrystie & David Low. Children baptised Kinglassie: Agnes 1677, female 1679, George 1683, Helen & Alison 1686,

            Janner 1688, William 1691: Witnesses: David & Thomas Christie.

            Leslie register records “George Christie in Markinch parish has a son Andrew bapt 7 Oct.1696”.

George Chrystie of Auchenmuir parish Kinglassie d.1715: will: Exec his daughter Alison spouse to Andrew WILSON, Temple? Son George b.1683 married Agnes KILGOUR:

Children b.1713-1731 to "George Christie & Agnes Kilgour in Auchmoutie Mill". "Andrew son to   Georg Christie in Auchun... Mill aged 4 yrs dyd" 1721. (Markinch parish registers.)


 7. Janet 14 Feb.1647: Witness: Patrik Corror.

 N.B. Other than their eldest son James, there was at least one other James Chrystie who had children baptised in Kinglassie from 1659 onwards, and to whose baptisms James Chrystie of Fostorstone/Fostertoun was often a witness (a cousin?).


Children of James CHRYSTIE (b.1634) & Agnes KNOX baptised Kinglassie:

1. Alison 22 Oct.1655 “On this day James Chrystie in Fostertoun had a Daughter baptized named

            Alison:Witnesses John Knox, David Chrystie”. Died before 1660 when 2nd Alisone baptised?

2. John 11 Oct.1657: Witnesses John Knox, Danl Bridges. Eldest son of James CHRYSTIE & Agnes            

KNOX: “in Docktoun” when son James bapt 1685. John Chrystie tenant in Ores/Oars Miln [Mill]

Dysart 1705, died before 1728, married Bessie TOD who was alive in 1728 [Deed].    [See below]

1705 Deed:
John CHRYSTIE 9 November 1705: Tack for 19 years by David, Earl of Leven, to James Chrystie, eldest son of John Chrystie tenant in Ores Milns, of town and lands of Lochtyside Markinch lying within the Barony of Balgonie. Signed by John Chrystie, Witness:
by Charles Hay, servant to the Earl of Leven; Witness: Signed by James Chrystie; and by 'Leven'.             [GD26/5/103]

3. Alisone 24 Apr.1660: Witnesses James Chrystie, Patrik Tolmysonne? One sister married David

            Chrysty tenant in Goatsmilk, her cousin? [1709 deed naming her brothers John & Thomas.]

4. Isobell 15 Dec.1661: Witnesses John & David Chrystie. One sister married David Chrysty tenant in Goatsmilk, her cousin? [1709 deed]. Isobell Christie buried        Kinglassie 21 March 1710.

 5. James 7 June1664: Witnesses James Chrystie, David Briggs. James “in Pittucher” Kinglassie for the baptisms of his 7 children: Witnesses Thomas, George, &       James Christie.

            Son James b.1694 “in Mackies Mill” Markinch married Catherine SWAN 21 Jun.1716 Markinch.

            Children baptised Markinch: David b.4 Aug.1717, James b.31 May 1719, Isobel b.13 Aug.1721,

            George b.19 Nov.1727, Catherine b.3 Jun.1733.

 6. Thomas 14 Feb.1666: Witn: Thomas Chrystie Elder, & Thomas Christie. “Thomas Christie in Tilliburd

            aged 56 yrs dyd on the 28 & was bur 30” Sept.1721 (Markinch reg.). Children bapt “in Pittucher”

            Kinglassie, Witn: Laird of Pittuchar & James Chrystie. John Christie b.c.1697 tenant in Tillibruck

            married Elizabeth DALRYMPLE. Children bapt Markinch: Witn: George & James Christie. John

            Christie, tenant in Tullybreck, Disp & Assig in favour of spouse, Elizabeth Dalrymple, in life-rent,

            and to children: David, Robert, James, John, Janet, Aleson, & Elizabeth; 22 Jan.1735 [SC20/36/6].


7. David 24 Apr.1668: Witn: David Chrystie & Andrew Knox. “David Chrystie lawfull son to the deceast James Chrystie in Tulliebreck” [Sasine 1719]. “David   Christie in Tilliburt aged 54 yrs dyd on the 31 Jan & was bur on the 2  of Feb” 1721. Wife [2:] marr.1714 Bessie WAT d.1717 aged 38. Son George b.1698, daur Alison b.1701, daur Isobell b.1716.  “David Christie son to David Christie in Tilliburgh dyd on the 25 & was bur on the 26 day being 2 weeks old” Sept.1717. (Markinch reg.).


 8. Robert 19 July 1670: Witnesses James Chrystie, Daniel Knox.

            [Markinch Parish Registers are missing 1643-96,1703-11]


Known children of John CHRISTIE (b.1657) & Bessie TOD of Ores Miln, Dysart:


1. James, eldest son, baptised Kinglassie 3 July 1685: Witnesses Andrew Beggie & David Chrystie.

            James Christie & Alison CHRISTIE married in Kinglassie on 27 Dec.1706.         

            James Christie was in tenant Lochtyside Markinch 1705-1712. Died Markinch Jan. 1710.

            Will 1712, to exec. his father John Chrystie tenant in Oresmylns.

            A child of James Christie (dec.), Lochtieside, was buried in Kinglassie on 15 March 1711.

            His only child Elizabeth married John MORRES 23 July 1728 in Beath [Deed].

            Their children were baptised in Beath.


            Deeds were signed by John Chrystie and by his sons James and George Chrystie

            [so all were literate]:


1705 Deed: John CHRYSTIE 9 November 1705: Tack for 19 years by David, Earl of Leven, to James Chrystie, eldest son of John Chrystie tenant  in Ores Milns [Ore Mills], of town and lands of Lochtyside Markinch lying within the Barony of Balgonie... Signed by John Chrystie, Witness: by Charles Hay, servant to the Earl of Leven; Witness: Signed by James Chrystie; and by 'Leven'. [GD26/5/103]

1728 Contract: John MORRES of Cowden Beath, Contract of Marriage of 22 June last betwixt me the said John Morres and Elizabeth CHRISTIE,  daughter of deceased James Christie, tenant in Lochtyside, with consent of her uncle George Christie, tenant in Lochtyside…. to make payment of one thousand  eight hundred marks Scot… Estate that befell … to me the said Elizabeth Christie be and through the decease of said Umql John Christie my Grandfather; Discharge to said George Christie, Bessie Tod, relict of John Christie, and (their children)


            “David Christie in West Miln, Andrew Christie tenant in Orrsmilns, Thomas Christie tenant in Littleraith, and Marin Christie spouse to James Tod
            tenant in Camron”.

            12 Dec 1728. [SC20/33/11]


2. George, second son, b.c.1686, became tenant in Lochtyside Markinch for 19 years (1712-31) after the death of his elder brother James [Deed]. Married 26 Dec.1712 Markinch [1] Janet CHRISTIE

Janet Christie spouse to Georg Christie in Lochtyside dyd on the 13 and was buried on the 16 day in the 21 year of her age” May 1715. [Markinch parish register.] One daughter Bessie born 17th. Feb., baptised Markinch 21 Feb.1714, Witnesses John Christie & James Swan.

1712 Deed: John CHRYSTIE 12 August 1712: Tack for 19 years by David, Earl of Leven, to John Chrystie, tenant in Ores Miln, and George Chrystie his son, of town and lands of Lochtyside. Signed 'Leven', 'John Chrystie', 'Georg Chrystie', &  3 witnesses, Kinglassie. [GD26/5/124]

             George married [2] Margaret HENDERSON 1716 May 19 George Christie tenant in Lochtyside in this parish gives his name for proclamation in
            order to marriage with Margaret Henderson daughter to the Decd Andrew Henderson in Wester Durie in the parish of Scoonie.            
            Married at Kennoway June 28”
. Margaret bapt 11 June 1695 was the daughter of Margaret MORTON & Andrew HENDERSON tenant in          
            West-mains of Durie, Scoonie, Kennoway.

1719 Sasine: George CHRYSTIE 26 Nov.1719: George Chrystie tenant in Loughtysyde and also.… John Russell son to the dec Mr Thomas Russell Minr of the Gospel at Kennoway Bailly .. And there the said George Chrystie Having & Holding in his hands an Disposition & Assignation... granted by David Chrystie lawfull son to the deceast James Chrystie in Tulliebreck… To & in favour of the said George Chrystie his heirs or assignees…. By which Disposition the sd David Chrystie Sold Annailzied and Disposed to the sd    George Chrystie and his foresaids Heretably… yearly rent of Forty pound Scots money… & correspond to the Princpl sum of One thousand marks yearly… the Town and Lands of Unstoun houses biggings yards barns byres… thereof lying within the Parish of  Scoonie… At Tilliebreck 28 Nov. 1719. …said George Chrystie made by the said John Russell Bailey foresaid of the Earth and Stone of the Ground of the said Lands... [RS3/115]

        Children of George CHRISTIE & Margaret HENDERSON (bapt.Markinch unless noted):


            1. John 1717 George Christie & Margaret Henderson in Lochtisyde had a child born June 17 bapt 23 called John: Witnesses James Swan, David

            [Farmer, with Andrew Christie, in 1748 Deed? (Sheriff Christie’s)]

            2. Margaret baptised Dysart 3 Jan.1719: Witnesses James Swan, Thomas Christie.

            3. Andrew 4 Dec.1720 Witn: James Swan, Alexr Scoon, marr.[2] Elspeth MELVILL [See below]

            4. David 2 Dec.1722: Witnesses James & John Christie, David married 1745 ?Agnes WALLACE Markinch: children Helen b.1746, John b.1747.

            5. Bessy 15 Nov.1724: Witnesses John & George Christie.

            6. George 29 Jan.1727: Witn: James Swan, James Christie. Marr.1745 ?Margaret ALEXANDER, children baptised in Leslie & Markinch.

            7. Cecil 1729 “George Christie & Margaret Henderson in LochtySide had a child born Apr 3 & bapt 6 called Cecil Witn James & John Christie

            8. Elizabeth 3 Sept.1732 in Kettle “dau to George Christie tenant in Clattie & Margaret Henderson his spouse[Kettle parish register].

            9. Isobel 4 Aug.1734 in Kettle “dau to George Christie tenant in Clattie & Margaret Henderson his spouse” [Kettle parish register].


            George Christie, tenant Lochtyside Markinch 1712-31, tenant in Clattie, Kettle 1732-35.

            Burials Kettle parish register: South Division: 1735 Oct.27 George Christie in Clattie aged 50.

            East Division: 1760 Dec.23 Margaret Henderson in the parish of Markinch.


3. Andrew b.c.1695 married Janet BRYDIE 23 Nov.1721 Dysart, 8 children bapt “of Oars Miln” Dysart.


May 8 1742: “The Corpes of Andrew Chrystie tenant in Oars was buried in the Churchyeard which Grave hath a stone at the head of it” (M.I. Dysart  “aged 47”). Janet Brydie was buried “in Andrew Christie’s Grave her husband…” 31 March 1755. (M.I. Dysart “aged 58”). Witnesses at baptisms for the 8 children of Andrew Christie & Janet Brydie were George Christie & Walter Brydie.

“Octr 30 1744 The Corpes of Annas Chrystie spouse to Walter Brydie tennant in Strathoare was Buried in the Church Yeard .. north from the north edge of Andrew Chrystie’s head stone…. the Corpes of Janet Christie was Buried in Annas Christies grave upon the 4 of April 1768”.

Walter 1726-1771, the eldest son of Andrew Christie & Janet Brydie, married [1] Cathrine DOBIE who was buried Dysart 1769. Walter CHRYSTIE, feuer & malter in Dunnekier; Disp in favour of 2nd spouse, Margaret CHRYTSIE, and brother George Chrystie tenant in            Cameron’s Miln, Markinch: 22 April 1771 [B41/7/8].         

George b.1728 married Janet WILSON (his will 1778 of Cameron’s Miln Markinch). George CHRYSTIE, tenant in Cameron; Agreement with Mgt Chrystie, relict of Walter Chrystie, maltman in Dunnikier, Feb.1771; also Mutual Disp with spouse Janet Wilson, June 1778 [B41/7/8].


4. David b.c.1700 tenant in Coltown/ West Miln? [uncle in 1728 Deed], married Isobel SWINE

            29 May 1719 Markinch. Children baptised Markinch: Witnesses Robert & George Christie.


5. Thomas “tenant in LittleraithCardenden [1728 Deed]. There was an unrelated Bond discharge to Thomas Christie, tenant in Little Raith, 30 May 1744”. Thomas Christie & Christian RUSSEL married 1727 Beath. Children [IGI]: John bapt 8 Sept.1728 Auchterderran, [mother --- Russel];            

            Bessie bapt 10 June 1731 Auchterderran, [mother Christian Russel];

            Margaret bapt 27 May 1733 Auchterderran, [mother Margaret(sic) Russel].

            ?Will of Christian Russel 31/10/1764 St Andrews Commissary court 3 CC20/6/41, relict of Thomas Christie, late tenant of Crossgates?


6. Marion / Marin spouse to James TOD “tenant in Camron” [1728 Deed]. James TOD & Marrion CHRISTIE married 28 Dec.1704 Largo, Fife. Their children: John TOD bapt 10 Feb.1713 St.Andrews; Bessie TOD bapt 14 Dec.1714 St.Andrews; David TOD bapt 6 Dec.1717 Cameron; Marion TOD bapt 6 Sept.1719 Cameron; James TOD bapt 5 Nov.1721 Cameron.

           James TOD: tenant in Cameron; 41-yr Tack of Town and Lands of Cameron from Masters of

            the Sea-box of Anstruther Easter; 18 March 1756 [SC20/36/9]


Andrew bapt 4 Dec.1720 son of George CHRISTIE & Margaret HENDERSON was the first son of this family to live in Cupar. His first marriage was in Markinch, but all his children from Isabell (1755) onwards were baptised in Cupar. His son Andrew 1765-1831 was the first one not to be a farmer: he was a banker, writer (lawyer), and Provost of Cupar.


Andrew 1720-1791 married [1] Hellen HENDERSON 15 June 1753 Markinch "having given 26p to the Poor in lieu of Banns”: she was buried 18 Nov.1756.

            They had two daughters: Isabell b.1755, buried 1771? & Margaret b.1756, buried 1782 Cupar.


Andrew Christie tenant in Pittencreithe, Cupar, married [2] Elspeth MELVILL 6 April 1759 Cupar.

            Elspeth was the daughter of Alexander MELVILL of Kilmaron & Elspeth SWAN, daughter of George SWAN & Elspet TAYLOR of Riggs, Kettle: Deed 1717 [SC20/33/9].

            Elspeth Melvill spouse to Andrew Christie tenant in Pittencrieff buried 30 Nov. 1774. (Cupar)  

            Margaret CHRISTIE daughter to Andrew Christie tenant in Middle-field buried 1781. (Cupar)  

             Andrew CHRISTIE, tenant in Pittencrieff; Tack of portion of lands of Middlefield, presently

            possessed by William Syme, from William Robertson of Middlefield 1 Jan 1789 [B13/7/5]

 Andrew married [3] Christian REID 6 March 1787 Creich. Andrew Christie tenant in Middlefield

            Deed of Settlement 24 Oct.1791. [SC20/36/15]


            “Andrew Christie, Elder, tenant in Middlefield, buried 28 Nov. 1791” (Cupar)


Children of Andrew CHRISTIE (b.1720) & [2] Elspeth MELVILL, baptised Cupar:


1. Alexander 30 March 1760, farmer of Cuplahills & Foodie, married Mary BOUSIE 16 Dec.1786

            Leuchars, Fife; also recorded 22 Dec.1786 Kingsbarns, Fife.


            Alexander Christie Disposition to Andrew Christie, writer in Cupar, 19 Nov.1806, witnessed by John Christie, farmer at Causewayhead & Andrew Bowsie farmer at Durie: "Heritable proprietor of lands ...of Findas and Chance Inn &  Cavanston?...lands belonging to the College of St Andrews & others   on the south all lying in the parish of Ceres Barony of Scotstravit Shire of Fife purchased by me..."


            Alexander Christie of Foodie, Trust Disposition 18 Sept.1829: To Trustees: landholdings [stock, etc.. the lands of Foodie.. Manor Place houses.. yards, lofts, crofts, etc...& lands which were formerly astricted to the Mill of Fingash/ Fingast? .. the fews? of Damside & Foodiecash.. Barony of Foodie & Fingast Parish of Dairsie, in favor of (Trustees) William Walker writer, Robert Thomson Tenant in Rinsk/Risk? & Alexander Russell, Tenant in Newtown."I am indebted on my own account & as Cautioner for others... in considerable sums of money by Heritable & Personal Bonds, Bills ..   which I am unable at present to             pay…”  Intended sale of the land advertisement in any two of the Edinburgh & in such other newspapers…."Written on stamped paper by George Christie    apprentice to William Pagan writer in Cupar. Subscribed by me at Cupar 6 March 1828."


            Alexander Christie buried Cupar aged 72 on 15 Dec.1831, palsy, farmer?


            The 1842 administration of the effects of Mary Christie or BOUSIE, of Abbey Cottage,

            St Andrews, the widow of farmer Alexander Christie, names her "nearest of kin" as four daughters: “Misses Jane, Melville, Christian, and Jessie Christie”. There were a number of baptisms of children for this couple in Dairsie and Leuchars (Jane wrongly recorded as Janet b.1809 in the IGI), but no Melville, Christian or Jessie. There were entries for Mary b.1787, Elspeth b.1788, Andrew b.1790, Margaret b.1791, a son b.1809, and John b.1807 who were not recorded in the decree. A chart held by St. Andrews University Archives says that Mary married 1810 David REID, farmer Todhall; Betsy married – MARTIN, son George; Margaret married – CUNNINGHAM, daughter Georgina; Isabella married David BOUSIE; and Melville, Christian, & Jessie died unmarried.


2. Elspeth 1761-1763


3. George 1762-1781


4. Andrew 16 March 1765, of Ferrybank, Provost of Cupar, "writer in this Parish" married 5 Jan.1788 Margaret DEMPSTER in St Andrews; marriage also recorded in Cupar on 6 Jan.1788.

            Margaret DEMPSTER was born 5 Feb.1769, baptised ‘Peggy’ 7 Feb.1769 St Andrews, daughter

            of Charles DEMPSTER 1742-1809, merchant, Dean of Guild the City St Andrews, and Jane METHVEN 1738-1830, of St. Andrews.

                        Children of Andrew Christie & Margaret Dempster: 11 sons and 5 daughters.

                        [See “Christie of Ferrybank” in the Fife F.H.S. Journal Vol.6, No.2, Dec.1993.]


            The Principal Heritors of the Shire of Fife (freeholders) 1803 included “Andrew Christie of Ferrybank”. The Cupar firm of solicitors which Andrew Christie joined, renamed ‘Pagan & Christie’, celebrated their 200th Anniversary in 1990.


            8 Dec.1800 Disposition in favour of Andrew Christie writer in Cupar, by Alexander Melville merchant in Cupar, 3rd son of Alexander Melville tenant in Peasehills (Andrew's uncle):

           Andrew Christie has made payment to the sum of sixty pounds sterling…. arable land lying in the North Burgh Roods of Cupar.. which acre of land was purchased by my father... disposition in my favour 25 Nov.1776.... recorded 21 Dec.1790.


            26 Nov.1810: Dwelling house 2 storeys double land & tenement with the close, Warehouses & other houses built therein lying upon the south side of Bonnygate St of Cupar & upon the east side of the long kirk wynd which passes from the said Bonnygate to the kirk…. of Ferrybank, nr. Cupar... 1814: Bought land at "Braeside of Rudernie lying on the West of the Road leading from Cupar to Collinsburgh...."; & a discharge of loan in 1811; also a discharge by him as Trustee 1818.

            Discharge dated 28 Oct.1831 "We Andrew Christie Esq of Ferrybank & James Kyd Esq of Guilston designed in the Decreet after mentioned Writers in Cupar that .... raised a Summons and Action of multiple poinding before the Lords of Council and Session...."


            “Mr Andrew Christie Banker died 10 April 1831 aged 66 Stone”. (Cupar parish register.)

            “Margaret Dempster widow of the late Andrew Christie Esq.” died 10 Aug. 1842 aged 73.


5. David 1766-1767


6. John 21 April 1768, farmer of Causewayhead, Newport, married Mary WALKER 31 Aug.1793 in Forgan; marriage also recorded 1 Sept.1793 Cupar.

            Daughters: Mary b.1794, Elspeth b.1795, Anne b.1797, Isabella b.1799, Margaret b.1807.

            Sons Andrew 1901-04, Peter 1805-1891, farmer, Rhynd (1829-46), Scotscraig Mains (1847-91), married [1] Margaret Christina AITKEN [2] Grace Ballingall MORTON.


            Will [written 1820, proved 1843] of John Christie, farmer of Causewayhead, died 5 April 1839. …To his only son Peter Christie farmer, Rhynd, with amounts to be given to his wife Mary

             Walker, and to his 5 daughters on marriage or when leaving his house. The tutors and curators to his underage children included James Walker of Muirhead (his brother-in-law?) and his brothers Alexander Christie of Foodie, Andrew Christie of Ferrybank.

            Witnessed by Cathcart Christie writer in Cupar (one of Andrew’s sons.)

            Assets included a "final dividend…upon the Estate of the late A. Christie". [SRO]


            Monumental Inscriptions in Forgan churchyard (3 stones side by side):

            137. In loving memory of Jane Bruce Clark, wife of John Christie, Kirkton Barns, died 7 March 1903; John Christie died 7 November 1916 aged 72 years.

            138. In memory of John Christie tenant in Causewayhead who died 5 April 1839 aged 71 years; also interred here his daughters Ann who died 4 January 1868; Elizabeth who died 26 June 1868; Mary eldest daughter died 24 August 1879; Isabella fourth daughter died 10 May 1886; Margaret youngest daughter died 3 February 1894.

            139. 1827-erected by John Christie tenant in Causeyhead in memory of Mary Walker his spouse who died 3 July 1826 aged 64 years; also his son Andrew who died 12 December 1804 aged 2 years 11 months. [Transcript Bill Owen]  


            A descendant was Sheriff John Belford Wilson Christie who died in Cupar in 2002.